Handler Training: Day 10

We went to movie theater to meet up with Savannah with Vince and Bud with his handler. Before the movie started, I had the opportunity to use the public restroom with Dyson for the first time. Previously Savannah had shown me what to do in this situation at the pet store lesson, but I hadn’t tried it out yet. It was alright. I forgot how to the tie leash properly to the disability railing in the handicap stall, so afterwards I asked Savannah to go over it with me again at some point. I managed to wrap the leash around the bar tightly enough and in an oddly made knot so that Dyson couldn’t get all the way down on the floor, but there should’ve been a simpler way to do it. I was able to properly wrap the leash around my body for hand washing though.

We watched Jurassic World. It was a pretty idle training session, but it was good movie! I had fun. Dyson kept trying to sniff and crawl under the movie chairs at the beginning, probably for popcorn remnants, but he soon settled down and slept in front of me. 


After the movie, Bud’s handler and I both brought our dogs out to go potty. Dyson still doesn’t go immediately, but he’s doing better at going within 5 minutes or so. He will likely start going more regularly as we build up a routine together. He might also become less pee shy as he gets to know me. 


Mom and I spent the rest of the day at the hotel room with Dyson. I think Dyson is growing closer to me. I’m enjoying our bonding time.




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