Handler Training: Day 8

This handler session was about washing my dog! We went to a place that had tubs to wash your dog in. Wetting, shampooing, rinsing, conditioning, rinsing, towel drying, ear cleaning, ear drying, blow drying coat. Service dogs can’t look dirty or smell bad because they go into public places. Service dogs should be cleaner than a typical pet dog. He seemed to enjoy the scrubbing and soaping up part because it was basically a long petting session. The rest of the bath wasn’t nearly as fun for him, but he tolerated it better than other dogs I’ve washed before. 

There wasn’t a place to sit as I washed him, so I got fatigued and lightheaded quickly. I had mom help a bit.


I bought Dyson a red plaid collar at the  small pet boutique in front of the washing area. It stands out nicely against his black fur. He looked so nice  in it (and still does), especially since I put it on him the day of his bath. Shopping for him makes me feel the “yay he’s really mine” excitement! 


Afterwards, I had my first restaurant experience with Dyson. We went to Paneras. I got to use the “under” command in a real situation for the first time. It was hard for him to fit under the table with his mobility harness on, but managed to wedge himself under. I realize that this won’t always be possible considering the varying dimensions of tables and how their legs and stands are oriented. In the future, I might have to choose the best alternate floor location for him where people are least likely to trip on him.




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