Pre-Graduation Thoughts: “I’m in the car ride to handler training graduation at the Little Angels ranch. Although the car ride is making me nauseous, I’m still excited! Dyson and I have worked hard together the last couple weeks!” Graduation: Bud’s handler Leslie and I graduated together, a first for Little Angels. It was the biggest graduation … More Graduation

24/7 Dyson: Day 2

Dyson and I relaxed together. I worked on some of my handler training homework while he slept beside me. After the training field trip, I went to Belmont Park to meet up with someone close to my age named Savannah, who has Ehlers-Danlos and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndome like me. She is also on the … More 24/7 Dyson: Day 2

Taking Dyson 24/7

At the end of handler training of day 8, Katie said that I was ready to keep Dyson full-time. This means that I was allowed to start bringing him everywhere with me instead of leaving him with the trainers after each session. This doesn’t mean that handler training is over. I still have daily lessons … More Taking Dyson 24/7